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  • 3 Balls per Can
  • Penn has once again revolutionized racquetballs with the introduction of new Pro Penn High Definition(HD).
  • Penn high-performance engineers joined forces with the top professional players in the world on the IRT to develop the ultimate racquetball.
  • Better visibility, more speed, lighter weight and softer feel were the result of this collaborative effort
  • Pro Penn HD - The Ultimate High-Performance Racquetball.
  • High Definition - Extensive visibility tests to determine the optimum color for today’s fast paced game were conducted both in the lab and on-court.
  • The top players in the world agree that the Pro Penn HD is the most visible ball ever produced, even at speeds near 200 MPH!
  • More Speed — Offering more speed than the Pro Penn, the true genius of the Pro Penn HD is its ability to maintain that speed, longer during even the most intense play.
  • Lighter Weight — Designed specifically for today’s lightweight racquets, the Pro Penn HD is the new standard for performance racquetballs.
  • This new development in racquetballs offers players the ability to control the ball like never before as well as reduces arm fatigue for longer play.
  • More Comfort - A new revolutionary softer rubber compound has been created, offering unprecedented comfort on every shot.
  • The new Pro Penn HD produces less torque and less vibration, dramatically reducing arm fatigue. This will allow you to play your best longe
  • Increased Durability - Today's high level players are hitting the ball harder than ever and demand a racquetball that can withstand the punishment.
  • The Pro Penn HD delivers unmatched performance with a new level of durability.
  • Speed Rating 9.5
  • Visibility Rating 9.5
  • Durability Rating 7.0