KOTC Beige | Black 921 Unpadded | BM IX

Precio habitual $ 23.99

Introducing the new glove for 2020.  We have all played or watched tournaments like King of the Court so why not bring back to the game of Handball & Wallball

I recall Joe Durso playing at Coney Island Handball courts in Brooklyn, NY, we always wore these bull rider gloves.  So my vision was to bring that color deer 🦌 skin to the courts this season with a Grade A spandex material & Velcro in Black

Available in sizes  S | M | L | XL | 2XL

* Velcro Closure

* More Ventilation | Includes Thumb

* Deerskin Leather

* Loop on Palm sides to hang with carabiner 

* Sold in Pairs