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USHA White 21 Handballs

Normaler Preis $ 14.75 Sonderpreis $ 11.49

21 Handballs are the official ball of the USHA! 
Each 21 Handball comes in an individually sealed can. Fully guaranteed. If the 21 Handball loses its bounce or breaks before the label wears off they will replace it at no charge.*

White 21 (1 ball per can) - Official handball for all USHA Nationals and USHA Sanctioned Events (Women's Skill Divisions, Women's Classic, Girls Juniors and 13-Under Juniors Divisions)

The Red and White balls are the same size and similar specs to the ACE balls.  The White 21 handball is lighter and softer on the hands.

*Please return any broken 21 handballs that still have a visible label along with a return address to:

Attn: Customer Service
2333 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ  85716