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Balls Deep Handball Gloves Blue Unpadded

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Introducing another new PRO glove for 2021 .  We have all played or watched tournaments like King of the Court aka KOTC, so why not bring a Pro glove to the game of Handball & Wallball 

We searched our manufacturers to find & source the production of this glove.  I have been asked for the past 6️⃣ years about the EDTL gloves.  Here is our version and what players that bought them already are Wowed!  Now's your time to get these on your hands and #goplaywallball

Features Balls Deep on Left🤚 and Handball on Right 🖐 

Available in sizes XS | XL | 2XL

* Velcro Closure

* Nylon Fingers + Tab

* Towel material 

* More Ventilation 

* Cowhide Leather

* Embroidered BALLS DEEP on left 🤚

HANDBALL on right 🖐 

* Loops on inside palms to hang with a Carabiner 



* Sold in Pairs